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Philippine Fashion Week Experience

Me and Jovelle (my bestfriend) So, just so you know that she is the craziest friend that I have. One thing in common, I think we know how to deal with boys when it comes to love. LOL We love fashion! xx
(primadonna dress, Lee coat, Herbench socks, Human belt, Parisian bag, S&H shoes )
Heel less x Bootie #shoeselfie

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Sabado, Agosto 31, 2013



Washday Wednesday: 3x3 Prints

Spring 2013 hot trends you're going to want to be all over: Printed Clothing.

Playing with prints are not safe. It can ruined your style and whole look in a day. Choose
the right prints that fits you or fits your mood. And don't forget, style before trends.
Xoxo Anti-flirt collection Camouflage print Jacket, K2 pants, Freeway dress
Parisian Satchel bag, Bench socks, Primadonna vintage black shoes
CAMOUFLAGE: Fabric or garment dyed in splotches of green, brown, tan and
black so as to make the wearer indistinguishable from the surrounding environment. This
print will definitely sets the mood of angers, fierceness, ferociousness and it is very edgy.
I decided to wear this kind of print because of what I felt on that day and it
reflects on my personality. So, this whole look was in spades of trying different look
that I have never tried before.
PinkFloyd tee, NEXT floral pants, Urbanizta vintage watch, DIY shoes

FLORAL: Patterns of flowers. Prints that commonly look like girly, very feminine and a bit
of a classy look. This is one of the hottest trend on spring 2013, so, you can see a lot
of floral prints in every clothing line. Who doesn't have this kind of prints? Maybe, you're not
in-- this summer but would also fit the fall and winter time.

Artwork Marilyn Monroe tee, Human studded belt, Forever21 maxi skirt, DIY gladiator shoes, Bench hair
BLACK and WHITE: Black and white prints are never out on the runway. It is bold, dark and
classy. So, the look was actually inspired of Anne Hathaway wearing a classy maxi skirt.
She is not really fashionable but she has an unique personal style.

Maxi skirts!  ❤

Sabado, Agosto 17, 2013


Lady Gaga released her first single #Applause unexpectedly last Monday, Aug. 12, 2013.
MTV VMA 2013 comeback stage on August 25 to perform
her new single #Applause.
ALBUM on 11.11
#Applause OUT NOW!






The ART of POP: All four of GAGA's V Magazine Cover Stories

Sabado, Agosto 10, 2013

OUTFIT / the BITCH wears Prada

the BITCH wears Prada
Oh well, the photo says everything, right? Do I need to explain it further? You see fierceness,
the edginess of my face, the powerful jawline, the strong eye contact and the glowing Pinoy
pride fair skin. I love this shot, it really shows who I am, to be honest, what you see in
this photo is what you get. Lol Mataray ba? But what I am trying to say is that you see
a strong woman, the bitch.
Know Your Identity. Treat Yourself As A Brand.
This quote is from Benjo Billones and I agree with this. First, you should know who you are,
in fashion, the clothes that you desired to wear will represent and reflect your identity. Enough
said, no need to elaborate. People used to look first on what the physical appearance they see,
with that, they will know your style and your identity on what you're wearing. Treat yourself as a brand. For me, this says be proud, have some confidence, be totally you. Like, we usually love branded items such as Chanel bag, Prada shoes, Guess Jeans, etc. and you would rather buy branded items than to buy imitations, fake items, we wanted an original, good quality and authentic one, right? You will just waste time and money to buy knockoffs and to blame others, especially yourself.
 I tried to be a minimalist, not to overdressed. The gold zipper kills me when
I saw this dress, it says something like buy me buy me! you will get a lot of
sophistication if you gonna wear me. Hahahaha (the spirit of Ukay-ukay)
"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today,
 when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language."
- Miuccia Prada

 Authentic PRADA shoes from VEL
What's pain in fashion? Heels hurting your feet is a pleasure.